In addition to our proprietary technology offering instant online quotes and booking for international shipping, we also offer customers quick and easy international Fulfil and Send, Air Freight, Sea Freight and Cross Border Trucking services. Each of these services are designed to make it easier and cheaper to ship internationally for ecommerce, traditional businesses and individuals who require large freight shipments.

Fulfil & Send:

Especially ideal for ecommerce businesses; our Fulfill & Send service allows you to consolidate large quantities of international orders into one large shipment. This will save on shipping fees, yet allow orders to be assessed individually. Ensuring you avoid extra taxes and duties that high value shipments are subject to in many countries.

Example: E-Commerce Business Shipping From China To Australia.

A Chinese company ships multiple low value (under $1000AUD) orders to Australia. Generally the Ecommerce business can either ship the items individually (high costs and time consuming for packaging and shipping) or ship multiple low cost orders together (say 300 orders @ $200AUD) and face large taxes and duties as the combined shipment is over Australia’s $1000AUD De minimis limit (any purchase less than $1,000AUD from overseas is free of duties and taxes in Australia). Instead now Ecommerce businesses can consolidate all their orders into one shipment (save time and money on shipping) and Borderclick’s Fulfill & Send service will ensure they are assessed individually and avoid extra taxes and duties (300 products assessed @ $200AUD each instead of one large shipment of $60,000AUD). In the case where one or more of the products in the shipment are valued at over $1000AUD these items will be assessed individually and the items below $1000AUD will remain free of extra taxes and duties. Once cleared through customs, the individual orders will be delivered through Australia Post or our other local last mile service partners.

Air & Sea Freight and Cross Border Trucking:

For large shipments that require delivery via Air & Sea Freight or Cross Border Trucking, Borderclick is making the process fast, easy and much less unpredictable. In the past customers have been at the mercy of unknown customs and handling fees, taxes and duties. This meant businesses often had to pay large, unexpected logistic bills before their orders would be delivered. But with Borderclick customers receive fixed, upfront quotes on all air and sea freight charges to avoid unexpected and hidden charges. Our proprietary comparison technology and wholesale pricing agreements with international couriers ensures you receive the best rates and delivery times for your shipment. And you’ll always enjoy the flexibility of our 3 pricing options (Budget, Economy and Premium) to suit your budget and time frames.

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