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Never Worry About International Buying Restrictions Or Unaccepted Payment Methods Again

Ever found yourself trying to buy from a US or Chinese based merchant but were unable to order the specific products you wanted because:
  1. The merchant does not accept your forms of payment.

  2. The merchant does not ship to your country. 

While most US and Chinese merchants accept international payment methods and shipping addresses, there are still some that may prevent you from purchasing certain items or getting the very best prices available online.

That is why we have created BorderClick’s Purchase & Send service so that you can easily access ANY products you want, from ANY merchant (both online and offline). Just use your preferred method of payment via the BorderClick website and have them shipped directly to your door quickly, easily and affordably. 

Here’s How BorderClick’s Purchase & Send Works: 

Step 1: Create a Free BorderClick Account. In your secure online account, enter the complete merchant and product details of your order. Once you have submitted your order we’ll get a quote from the merchant and advise you of the payments required. (For offline store purchases, BorderClick offers price negotiation services, quality control and inspection services in China. Get A FREE Quote.
Step 2: Once you have submitted the payment for the transaction, we will purchase your item/s and have the product/s sent to our nearest consolidation warehouse in the country of purchase. When your orders arrive we’ll notify you by email, SMS or you may check your orders via your account on the BorderClick website.
Step 3: We’ll use our proprietary technology to find the best rates and delivery times for your shipment. You will always be offered our 3 pricing options (Budget, Economy and Premium) to suit your budget and timeframes.

*If you have multiple orders we can consolidate them using our Consolidate & Send service to help you save on international shipping. 

To start shopping from all US and Chinese based merchants (online & offline) create your FREE BorderClick Account Now.

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